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When it comes to the important things in life it makes sense to get expert advice. The same holds true when planning for your financial future.  

Here is a collection of client educational videos, hear from qualified Investment Specialists on today's market matters. 


Quarterly Program Commentary

Quarterly Program Commentary | October 2017

Wayne Gillespie, Director & Senior Portfolio Strategist, discusses how recent events, such as rising interest rates and geopolitical tensions have impacted the markets this quarter. Watch the interview to learn some of the portfolio management strategies we’ve implemented this quarter, how we’re protecting against risk, as well as our outlook for the remainder of the year.


Quarterly Program Commentary | July 2017

Wayne Gillespie, Director & Senior Portfolio Strategist, reviews some of the performance contributors and detractors to our portfolios this past quarter. He also shares insight into how the different investment styles performed and discusses some of the securities that were harvested from portfolios for tax loss. Watch this interview to find out more.

Client Education Videos

Client education videos displays the financial concepts you need to know in order to understand investing & provide you with the information that you need.

U.S. Election Results | Interview with Wayne Gillespie

Wayne Gillespie, Director, Senior Portfolio Strategist, discusses the outcome of the 2016 U.S. Election, the activity in our portfolios and advice you can share with investors.

In Conversation With Our Investment Specialists 

At our 2017 Toronto Due Diligence in January, we caught up with some of our investment specialists to get their views on some of the recent trends affecting our markets and learn about how their are positioning their mandates.

Tom Marsico on Trump

Tom Marsico, Founder, CEO and CIO of Marsico Capital Management - the investment specialist for our U.S. growth mandate - shares his views on Trump and how he believes the President's policies will impact the investing and business environment in the U.S. Click below to watch video.

Jim Hall on Investing Opportunities for International Growth Equities

Jim Hall, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Mawer Investment Management, looks back on the markets over the past year, shares his predictions for 2017 and explains why it's important for investors to create a portfolio strategy that is resilient enough to weather uncertainties. Click below to watch video.

Tom Marsico: Trump, Canada and Opportunities for U.S. Growth Equities

Tom Marsico discusses how he thinks Trump’s policies could affect Canada and the current opportunities he sees for U.S. Growth equities. Click below to watch video.

Donie O’Brien on Retirement Strategies

Donie O’Brien, Senior Portfolio Manager at Irish Life Investment – the investment specialist for the retirement strategies in Counsel’s Retirement Portfolios – discusses the importance and value of strategies that minimize volatility in a retirement portfolio. He also discusses how the strategy performed in 2016 and shares his outlook going forward. Watch it now